Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Benefits of this Anti-Inflammatory Approach:

* Stimulates flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells

* Reducing inflammation and irregularities of skin cells

* Boosts tissue regeneration after surgery and reduces swelling

* Restored equilibrium, encouraging regular lymph flow

* Increase overall mobility of the body, eases joint congestion

* Promotes the body's immunological response; cleansing the

   bloodstream as well as assisting nutrient absorption

* Therapy for those who suffer from hypertension, fibromyalgia in

   addition to forms of anxiety, by calming the Nervous System

* For pregnant women; gently decreases liquid retention leading up

   to childbirth as well as relief and skin healing post labor

* Increases proper circulation and cleansing during menstruation

What to expect during a treatment

* light, non-invasive delicate touch, paired with rhythmic movements

   (clients remain clothed for treatment for consistent lymph activation)

* Treatment is relaxing and calming

* Pain-free release of inflammation, ease in joints in general

* A healthy increase of the heart rate as the body filters the newly

   stimulated lymph

* A greater ease of breath and a lighter feeling overall

* Clear discussion of process and system functioning with additional

   personalized notes

Cassie Eshelman

60, 90 and 120 Minute sessions available.

60 Minutes - $75

1.5 Hours - $110

2 Hours - $150

3 Hours - $210

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