Sessions & Classes

Traditional Usui is taught and also performed by Lori.

Reiki (ray' key) is a gentle yet powerful hands-on technique that restores the body's natural flow of energy and support its ability to heal more rapidly.

Sessions are done fully clothes, with the Reiki practitioner gently placing her/his hands on or slightly above the front and back of the body in a series of positions designed to cover all the body's systems. Without applying any pressure or manipulation, a transfer of this energy takes place at each placement, generally resulting in an experience of soothing warmth or a tingling sensation.

The benefits of a Reiki session may include a profound sense of relaxation, well-being and inner harmony, relief from mental or emotional stress promoting stable emotional patters, increased awareness, pain relief, cleansing of toxins from the body and/or clearing the body's energy pathways.

Reiki practitioners are now in many hospitals.

I have heard that Lehigh Valley offers reiki to it's cancer patients.  When my son was in an accident and taken to St. Josephs Hospital a Reiki Practioner was there as soon as they unloaded him from the ambulance.

Sessions are usually 1 hour long.  However, people who are sick, elderly or very young will not be able to tolerate a one hour session.

​ $80 per session


Are You Stressed? 
Try one hour of reiki AND one hour of foot reflexology!!
The sessions are performed back to back  -  $120