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Traditional Usui is taught and also performed by Lori.

Reiki (ray' key) is a gentle yet powerful hands-on technique that restores the body's natural flow of energy and support its ability to heal more rapidly.

Sessions are done fully clothes, with the Reiki practitioner gently placing her/his hands on or slightly above the front and back of the body in a series of positions designed to cover all the body's systems. Without applying any pressure or manipulation, a transfer of this energy takes place at each placement, generally resulting in an experience of soothing warmth or a tingling sensation.

The benefits of a Reiki session may include a profound sense of relaxation, well-being and inner harmony, relief from mental or emotional stress promoting stable emotional patters, increased awareness, pain relief, cleansing of toxins from the body and/or clearing the body's energy pathways.

Reiki practitioners are now in many hospitals.

I have heard that Lehigh Valley offers reiki to it's cancer patients.  When my son was in an accident and taken to St. Josephs Hospital a Reiki Practioner was there as soon as they unloaded him from the ambulance.

Sessions are usually 1 hour long.  However, people who are sick, elderly or very young will not be able to tolerate a one hour session.

​ $70 per session



JANUARY 16 & 17, 2021   10 TO 3 EACH DAY

Classes are limited to 6 people. See website for class schedule. Master level is by appointment any time.

Lori received her Master level from Carol Parsons in 1998.

All class prices are the same as what Carol Parsons charged. 

Lori agreed to honor Carol's pricing.

Level One: $125

Level Two: $250

Master Level: $500

Are You Stressed? 

Try one hour of reiki AND one hour of foot reflexology!!

The sessions are performed back to back  -  $110

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