Kim Dixon


Reiki & Theta Healing

What is Shiatsu?

(shee - ah' - tzoo) is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure"

It is a form of Asian bodywork basked on traditional chinese medicine, where illness is thought to result from the imbalances in the natural flow of energy or qi (pronounced "chee") through the body.

Practitioners apply finger and palm pressure to energetic pathways, called meridians, to improve the flow of qi.

What are the Benefits?

following the idea that Body and Mind work together as one, each session is designed with the receivers unique physical, emotional and spiritual state considered. By assessing the qualith of energy in all parts of the body Shiatsu is used to restore harmony and health.

Some common effects of Shiatsu include:

Pain relief * Deep relaxation and calm

Increased flexibility * Deeper, more restful sleep

Improved energy and concentration

What can I expect during a session?

Shiatsu is traditionally given on a futon on the floor. However, a low massage table may be used based upon the needs of the client. Finger and palm pressure is applied to energetic pathways, called meridians, to improve the flow of qi.

You remain fully clothed.

Shiatsu has been proven beneficial in alleviating symptoms associated with a wide range of ailments such as anxiety headaches, allergies, joint pain, muscular tension, back pain, digestive disorders, adapt to change, boost immune system, neck & shoulder pain.


You will be on a table.


One Hour - $80.00
1.5 Hours - $120.00
2 Hours - $160.00

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