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Traditional Usui Level2 Reiki Class

Sat. & Sun. Feb. 8 & 9  10 to 3 each day

Cost: $250   Class size is limited. Please call to reserve your seat.

What is Level 2 Reiki?

There are 3 Reiki Levels, 1, 2 and the Master Level

Level 2 teaches you how to send reiki long distance, scan the body and beam reiki.

There are 2 double attunements. Attunements are performed to open the palm chakras of the student so that they are able to channel energy from the devine (God) source. You will learn to perform reiki on yourself, animals and others.  People are brought into the class for you to work on. 

The goal is that each student feels comfortable and confident to perform a reiki session after the class is over.

Who Learns Reiki?

Reiki is learned by a wide range of people.  Many are caregivers for humans and animals. Some people want to fine-tune their abilities as energy workers.  There are no religious doctrines for reiki.  All are welcome.

Level 1 Reiki Class

If you are interested in a

Reiki Class

please feel free to call to set up a date.

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